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Good product

I have been taking ProBoost for years, at onset of flu symptoms. I have not gotten very sick. All mild cases.

Lyme Syndrome sucks.

Only good thing about Lyme syndrome is that marketers have a field day.

Works great

Offers an energetic boost that isn’t like a caffeine overdose. I notice clearer brain functioning. Tastes pretty good too.

ProBoost Thymic Protein A

ProBoost Thymic Protein A
Trenten Merrill
Love this!

I’ve been using Proboost Thymic Protein A for 2 months and j take it immediately after my hard workouts when I’m my immune system is compromised! I have noticed not only have I stayed healthy while teammates got sick but I feel like I’ve been recovering faster as well! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Bought for my cat.

ProBoost Thymic Protein A
Lawrence Bourque

ProBoost Thymic Protein A


Great for my kiddos! I love the packets and the potency! Excited for better immunity!

Keeping me Healthy!

I’ve been taking ProBoost for quite a while now, and I believe this is why I haven’t gotten sick. I keep waiting to get COVID but have not gotten it yet and I’m not vaccinated. I’ve been taking one a day and if I’m not feeling well or am traveling, I will take two…one in the morning and then in the evening.

Kept our kids healthy when they started to get sick!

Our kids started school and started to feel under the weather after just a couple days. We double downed on their ProBoost and they both were back to being 100% in no time. :)

A Great Product If You Have COVID

An easy-to-use product at a decent price. I prefer the ProBoost packets but make use of the orange tablets when I am on the go. Really helped me improve my immune response. I highly recommend ProBoost Thymic Protein A.

ProBoost For FIP Cats

I am treating my cat for FIP and I use ProBoost to help boost his immune system. His bloodwork had improved since using it.

So far so good

I use this for my cats, and it seems to help them quite a bit. Thank you!

Important part of my healthy lifestyle!

Just love everything about this product. I’m a boxing coach and a health “fanatic” and this is a big part of my health plan!

Seriously everyone needs this

I had gotten Covid and tried this product and man it turned me around! Within 24hrs I started feeling better.. one day I forgot to take it and I noticed the difference! I know they can’t claim anything for covid but I can! I have more energy , my stomach issues have gotten better and I feel an overall wellness . Now I don’t know if they have claimed this but I also notice I crave healthy foods ! I think having a balanced gut and body , you only want good things in it. My sugar cravings have dropped drastically too!
Love love love this product!

P. Johnston

ProBoost Thymic Protein A
Antonella Brunetti
Items has been not received till now !!

Once received i will put my opnion .... I hope to receive both item very soon !!

ProBoost 1 "Original Formula" Tablets

Too few tablets in too big a bottle

1 bottle comes with 30 tablets and still has enough room for 150 tablets. The manufacturer needs to put more tablets in the current oversized bottle or use smaller bottles for the 30.

Great asset.

This is a great product to have in my Arsenal for immunity boost and protection.

Amazing Natural Immune Support Supplement

It's important for me to stay healthy - my life has many demands and I cannot afford to get sick. Proboost is an easy way for me to stay healthy. 100% recommend this product.

ProBoost Thymic Protein A
Jennifer Edwards
Foster Kittens

I volunteer with an animal rescue organization and have been fostering two kittens with FIP. They recently completed their treatment and your supplement was recommended to help boost their immunity. Finally a supplement they will willing take!

ProBoost Thymic Protein A
Jeffrey Wheeler

Love your product !

ProBoost is amazing

This product has kept me safe from illness for the past year. I use it faithfully, wish it was in stores!

A Work in Progress

I used ProBoost in 2010 to help enhance my immune system. I restarted it a few weeks ago for continued immune system issues including a low suppressor cell count. Muscle testing shows that I need 2-3 packets per day. Time will tell if my T-helper and T-suppressor cell ratio will normalize with this product.

Help for my cat

My kitten had FIP and after 84 days of daily shots she is now taking ProBoost to help her immune system get stronger.