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A single packet of ProBoost contains 12 trillion molecules of Thymic Protein A. It has been scientifically proven that Thymic Protein A is an essential substance necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, specifically the portion named “cell-mediated immunity” which controls how potentially harmful antigens are controlled and disposed of by the immune system.

ProBoost can make a major difference by strengthening the immune system through its T-cell programming role. The more T-cells that are properly functioning, the more immune response may be mounted against environmental assaults to which the body is exposed.

Of all the cells in the immune system, the CD-4 helper cell is the most important because it serves as the controller of many key functions of immunity. It is like the conductor who keeps an orchestra playing in tempo and in tune. Newly formed CD-4 helper cells migrate from bone marrow to the thymus gland where they are programmed to stimulate an immune response.

Research has proven that CD-4 helper cells, after they are formed, are NOT fully functional unless they come into direct contact with key thymic proteins. Thus ProBoost delivers a natural and necessary substance in the body which can control and preserve immunity, leading to a longer, healthier lifespan!

Both the original ProBoost powder packets and the new ProBoost 1 tablets feature our patented active ingredient, Thymic Protein A (TPA), which continues to be produced at only one laboratory in the entire world. While the traditional ProBoost packets contain 4 micrograms of TPA per packet, the ProBoost 1 tablets contain 1 microgram (hence the name, ProBoost 1) per serving.

Additionally, the ProBoost 1 Zingers and Orange Burst flavor contain both vitamins C and D.

All products offer the scientifically proven benefits of Thymic Protein A, with the main difference being 4mcg in ProBoost versus 1mcg in ProBoost 1. As such, your preference may align with the amount of support your immune system requires.

Aside from the amount of TPA per serving, your decision will likely come down to preference. Do you prefer the consistency of a powder versus a tablet? Does a plastic bottle (ProBoost 1) or a card-stock box (ProBoost) work best for where you keep the product (i.e. purse versus cabinet)? Do you have a flavor preference?

Anyone who is concerned about maintaining optimal immune system function will benefit from taking ProBoost Thymic Protein A. This includes individuals with conditions requiring optimal immune function. The key cell that immunologists measure to determine the strength of the immune system is the CD-4 helper white blood cell. The normal range of these cells in blood is 500-1500 (mm3). Maintenance above 500 is considered to be required for immune system health.

A healthy individual who wishes to maximize quality of life and longevity should consider taking a regular protective dose of one packet daily.

ProBoost should be taken 1 hour before or 1 hour after meals for optimal absorption.

The immediate effect of taking Thymic Protein A varies from a sensation of warmth and energy to no particular short-term change in feeling. The longer-term effects (days or weeks) are often an increase in energy, well-being, strength, decreased fatigue, and improved immunity. All of these benefits can result from an improvement in immune function.

ProBoost is extremely safe. It is made by cell culture in only one laboratory in the world, under the direct supervision of Immunologist Dr. Terry Beardsley, PhD—one of the world’s leading authorities on the thymus gland and its crucial importance for the proper functioning of the immune system. Dr. Beardsley has spent over 35 years studying the thymus gland and discovered the existence of Thymic Protein A. He currently holds U.S. and international patents for both composition of matter and use. His discovery was published in several scientific journals, including the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences (Vol. 80, pp 6005-6009, October 1983, Immunology).

Because Thymic Protein A is highly purified, all other proteins, fragments, or substances are filtered out leaving only the single Thymic Protein A, which is then freeze-dried and mixed with maltodextrin.

ProBoost is made from cloned cells taken from the thymus of one US calf. No animals were harmed to make ProBoost. ProBoost does not contain wheat or dairy products.

Scientific studies performed on in vitro cells, animals, and humans have all shown significant benefits in supporting and strengthening the immune system by activating CD-4 helper cells. Reported results include increased immunity, decreased fatigue, and restoring quality of life for individuals. A strong immune system is necessary to be healthy in a world that is full of stress, drugs, poor quality food, and many toxins that are transmitted by air, water, food, and other means.

The National Institute of Health, Division of AIDS, has tested Thymic Protein A, the active ingredient in ProBoost, and has determined that it is an immune support protein.

No serious side effects have been reported.

In a few cases, people have experienced very mild “flu-like” symptoms when first taking ProBoost. Shortly thereafter the effects subside. These initial effects occur because by taking ProBoost you are activating the immune system. This mild effect is the beneficial result of your own immune system in action.

There are no other orally active patented Thymic Protein A products available. There are, however, a number of oral capsule or tablet thymic proteins in unpurified form sold in health food stores. These products are mixtures of many thymic proteins and all have the inherent problem of degradation by stomach acids and potential side effects from interaction of proteins.

We cannot comment on the validity of other company’s products. However, Dr. Terry Beardsley’s research, upon which ProBoost is based, is easily verifiable in the public record of peer reviewed publications in reputable journals, during his 3 years as a doctoral student at Baylor College of Medicine, and his 8 year tenure as a post-doctoral fellow and faculty member at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and San Diego (UCSD). His United States, European, Australian, and Canadian issued patents are also a matter of public record. Other products contain extracts of organ tissues from unspecified sources, which are comprised of myriad unidentified and non-specific cellular components with unknown and unproven function.

ProBoost, in both powdered and tablet form, is taken sublingually (or under the tongue) where the protein is best absorbed into the body. Use 1-3 packets (or 1-4 tablets daily) as often as every 3-4 hours, or as directed by a health care practitioner.