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What is Thymic Protein A?

To put it simply, Thymic Protein A (TPA) is one of the most essential components of your immune system—helping in the formation and activation of your body’s T-cells. Fortunately, your thymus gland starts producing TPA even before you’re born. Unfortunately, however, your thymus begins shrinking after puberty, producing less Thymic Protein A as you age.

ProBoost exists to take over where your thymus gland stops—providing complete, fully-intact Thymic Protein A to keep your immune system functioning properly.

Thymic Protein A + Collagen I & III

New TPA Capsules

ProBoost 4mcg TPA Capsules + Collagen I & III. Our new TPA capsules offer the power of our original 4mcg powder packet, plus collagen types I & III; now, for the first time, available in a swallowable capsule.

Thymic Protein A has been called, "the best single immune system supplement available," not just for its advanced immune modulating capabilities (recognized by the NIH), but also for its anti-aging benefits. Combined with the documented advantages of grass-fed bovine collagen, ProBoost TPA caps have improved upon 30 years of proven success.

TPA in Two Minutes:

How Thymic Protein A Works

Since 2000, I have been using ProBoost Thymic Protein A with my patients with great results. It is MY GO-TO SUPPLEMENT for patients needing immune support. ProBoost helps restore proper immune function.


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