ProBoost - ReNew Your Immune Response

ProBoost is Different…

ProBoost’s active ingredient, Thymic Protein A, has the same biological activity as a key, natural, thymic protein in your body. Unfortunately, our immune systems age just like the rest of us. Over time, the thymus gland atrophies and produces lower levels of the critical thymic proteins required for your immune system to mount an effective immune response.

ProBoost was developed to step into this gap—meeting the thymus shortfall, delivering natural support to your immune system and helping to jumpstart an optimal immune response.

…And it Makes a Difference

Thymic Protein A has shown, in scientific studies, to provide significant benefits in supporting and strengthening the immune system. These benefits include:

  • Increasing white blood cell counts—vital in maintaining health
  • Increasing T-cell (helper cell) levels—critical in helping the immune system respond quickly and effectively
  • Inducing apoptosis (cell death)—an important defense mechanism against aberrant cells

Additionally, the National Institute of Health has tested Thymic Protein A and determined it to be an effective immune system regulatory protein and a potent immunoregulator. Human studies have substantiated the scientific findings that this protein alone, in its purified state, has tremendous immune regulation capabilities as both a stimulant and a down-regulating agent, depending on the body’s requirements.

  • “This is a wonderful product. It has been very effective for me in helping me with my compromised immune system. When I added this product to my regular regime, I could tell the difference.”
    – Linda O.
  • “Outstanding product for your immune system!!! This product is amazing and has really helped my health.”
    – Carol Almand
  • “Great customer service! They were very helpful and they stand by their product! Nice to deal with this company and I love their thymic protein!”
    – Nancy Dent
  • “The People at Genicel who make and provide ProBoost are at the forefront of medical science. These are great people with a great product.”
    – Frank Wiewell, People Against Cancer
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